Google is offering a free Internet of Things course (IoT) with certificate included

When we talk about the internet, we instantly think of the word Connection; and it is that it would be difficult to find a more suitable characteristic to relate to the internet.

The origin of the word comes from the English term Interconnected Networks, which in Spanish means interconnected networks. In its truest meaning, we can describe it as a large network of computers that are connected globally.

Internet of Things is a translation of the English expressionInternet of Things (IoT), describing a scenario in which various things are connected and communicated.

This technological innovation aims to connect the items we use daily to the internet, with the aim of bringing the physical world closer to the digital world.

In a simple way, the Internet of Things deals with objects connected to each other through the network. They exchange information to facilitate or create various actions.

Google is offering a free course to learn about the IoT and develop applications on it using its cloud platform.

The good news is that this course is available for free for a limited time and gives the option of obtaining a certificate upon completion..

You can get the course for free by clicking the following button:

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