Microsoft: New free course in Artificial Intelligence with certificate included for students from all over the world

Microsoft is currently accepting new students for the Microsoft AI Classroom series, which is an initiative that has been launched in association with NASSCOM FutureSkills, with the support of GitHub to train students and future developers in new technologies.

As part of this initiative, school students receive a free online course in artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning through a live Simu session.

This program is open to students enrolled in universities around the world (check the availability of your country).

Microsoft AI Series is a three-hour session that will cover key topics to introduce students to artificial intelligence topics., data science and machine learning with lab exercises.

Each module will be presented by an industry leader and a subject matter expert.

Students will also be able to ask questions via live chat during the session, they have dedicated 30 minutes to questions and answers at the end of the session.

The session will be repeated once a day for a week, and interested participants can register for any of these days at their convenience.

Nevertheless, Applicants should note that the number of seats is limited.

Students will need to fill in the full name of their university or institute along with their city, in the countryside “Company name” in the registration form.

Credits: Facialix

After the end of the session 3 hours and a half, Students will receive an assessment link consisting of multiple-choice questions to verify knowledge and download the certificate of participation.

Participants will be given 20 minutes to reply 30 questions, and a score of 60% or more to download the Microsoft AI workshop participation certificate.

The certificate will be a joint certificate offered by Microsoft and NASSCOM FutureSkills.

If you want to register for this course, you can do it through the following link, just hurry up there is very little time for the next session.

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