Lot: Technology that turns wind into water.

From Peru to the world, Max Hidalgo Quinto is the inventor of this great technology and was awarded as one of the Champions of the Earth 2020.


What does yawa mean?

It is the combination of the words yaku (Water) and wayra (wind).

How does it work?

It uses wind turbines to condense the vapor from the air and thus, convert atmospheric moisture into water.

Max Hidalgo Fifth of 30 years of age and Peruvian nationality, is a biologist and inventor of Yawa. This technology that converts wind into water and is promising in all those countries that suffer from scarcity. Your priority is Peru, but seeks to help the world's most vulnerable communities.


His greatest and last achievement was awarded by the HIM-HER-IT, as one of the Champions of the Earth in 2020.

Al momento Yawa, has two presentations.

  • Yawa-Forest, its destiny is to support agricultural producers. This technology is already completed and commercializing.
  • Yawa-Community, It is still in process and its function is to produce water for human consumption.

This last one is not finished, since they need other technology to test the water quality, in order to verify if it is suitable for human consumption.

“The important is that, via a sensor, we can monitor the quality of the water and constantly receive that information to have it in our database and launch an alert to the community, so you can change the filter and still enjoy adequate water quality”

explained Max.

At the same time, Max, clarified that after visiting several communities that, given their geography, have no wind, decided to create a system that could merge wind and solar energy, or the wind with the electricity grid, so that in this way all those regions of the planet could use it.

"What's more, by means of the turning blade, we also take advantage of the fog that may be in certain places to also capture the water "

added Hidalgo.

“Solving big problems doesn't always require great technology. It requires creative ideas and big commitments. Never stop believing in your own ideas, because you can change history "

cHidalgo Quinto concluded in an interview with the UN.

And you, what do you think about this technology.

Yawa Project.

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