Strategies to manage fatigue due to insomnia, useful for COVID-fatigue, tired moms, students, nurses, pilots, workers…

How to Cope with Less Sleep like a Champ for the busy professional is a easy, practical, ‘doing it’ course for persons who can’t sleep well. It is for anyone struggling with a consistent lack of sleep or Chronic Fatigue.

It can also be useful for persons who don’t necessarily have sleep problems but your opportunity to sleep is limited due to working late to meet deadlines, being a mom of young children, studying, being a busy entrepreneur burning the mid-night oil or working shift jobs e.g. nurses or doctors, working at a factory or in different time zones e.g. pilots or virtual assistants or managers of a global team.

If you have Insomnia, or even if you don’t, the reality is you are not getting enough sleep, but «the show must go on» and you want to learn strategies to Cope in a healthy and natural way without over doing it with the coffee, energy drinks and pills for energy.


The missing link in Insomnia training courses is that students need to learn to cope effectively with less sleep until they recover from Insomnia or other sleeping problems like Sleep Apnea.

There could also be health issues that results in a person feeling tired and fatigued all the time and so the reality is, we all need to learn the skills to Cope well, until health improves.

The rational?

Consider this question. How long would it take to start sleeping better? The answer: «It could take days, weeks, months or even years for some persons to recover (depending on the complexities of their sleep issues) and the extent to which the person makes an effort to getting better.»

Most people who don’t sleep well, just «live with it,» they essentially ‘cope’ BUT they don’t cope well and are absolutely miserable. THERE IS A BETTER WAY.

If you are among the others, who try, and you are considering a Insomnia or Sleep Better course or Sleep Consultancy/Coaching then, this quick course is an essential piece of the puzzle that is often missed.

If you feel you have done everything you can and you still can’t sleep and you want to learn how to manage daily fatigue more effectively, then this course can be very useful to you.

Ultimately, the goal of the course is that by employing the Tactics, you will feel like a “champ.” You are a WINNER.

Being a Champ means, «you learn to Cope with less sleep effectively so that you get across the finish line accomplishing, with top marks your day-to-day goals and feeling happier and less irritable despite a lack of natural energy from a restful night sleep.»

It took the instructor of the course a year to recover from Insomnia and she shares four (4) easy and practical tactics that she honed and tested, from a unique perspective as a busy working mom that works well for anyone who is feeling tired often. She teaches how she actually made the strategies worked seamlessly in her life through self discipline and routine.

You need this if:

1. Your work productivity is impacted, and you have concerns about your job/business or difficulty maintaining employment because you are too tired

2. You find it difficult to be creative, come up with great ideas and easily do amazing things the way you use to

3. Your relationships are impacted because you find yourself being irritable, despondent, or physically and emotionally drained to look after yourself or children (if you have)

4. You find it difficult to concentrate and problem solve

5. You are feeling depressed and lethargic very often

6. You are finding it hard to ‘push-through’ to do your best and stay motivated for your work, family or business


Learning about the strategies in this course to manage fatigue due to a lack of sleep or other reasons such as illness from COVID-19 could also lend itself to having a better night’s sleep later.

Consider this.

Learning to Cope well with less sleep can play a role in your ability to sleep faster, sleeping through the night and for longer. When you sleep well, you in turn wake up with more energy – feeling refreshed by a good night’s sleep.

So how?

When you are having success at life like a champ against all odds, this in turn can ease anxiety and stress that often impacts sleep and build up confidence. You become empowered. The Tactics you learn about also enable you to be healthier in MIND and BODY. This could be the secret weapon to break the cycle of poor sleep begetting even more poor sleep because you are so stressed by poor sleep!

Take back control with this course and gain an edge in the fight for your health and well-being. You can learn about mindfulness, meditation, CBT-i and all the other strategies for overcoming Insomnia but until the day you recover from Insomnia or chronic fatigue, you will need to learn to cope and be practically resilient.

Time Management pointers and some Mindset issues that can hinder persons from coping well are also addressed in this practical course. You will learn the trick about using Routine in staying energized through-out your day and not just about sleep routine and habits like other courses.

A lack of sleep or constant fatigue doesn’t need to become a barrier to your life – there are ways you can manage it until you get your medical break-through as you work alongside your doctor or other health care provider.

It is indeed possible to learn how to sleep amazingly and wake up feeling renewed and it is worth the effort to feeling happier and more productive in your life.

While you are learning the hacks and strategies to sleep more deeply and better, be smart to learn to Cope like a champ as well by choosing this as a easy and quick accompanying course.

Cómo lidiar con menos horas de sueño para profesionales ocupados

Strategies to manage fatigue due to insomnia, useful for COVID-fatigue, tired moms, students, nurses, pilots, workers…»

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