Start from ZERO and Learn, in Practice, the Fundamentals of Distributed Version Control Systems with Git and GitHub

Imagine yourself being prepared to launch a personal software project of your own making. You need a smart way to keep your development process secure, avoiding rework and making it easy to make changes to your code. More than that, you want to share your work with the world.

Can you imagine?

Where the world builds software

Millions of developers and companies create, ship, and maintain their software on GitHub, the world’s largest and most advanced collaborative software.

– GitHub 2021

Do you know Google? Amazon? Netflix?

All these companies above use Git and GitHub in their software projects!

Most likely, there are companies that develop software in your neighborhood that also use Git and GitHub in their applications!

Git is a very powerful tool that cannot be missed when programming and is currently indispensable for many companies, given its flexibility and speed in its process. That would make it a lot easier when managing the various versions of your project, wouldn’t it?

Did you know that by using version control in your projects, you can maintain multiple versions in your applications that can be web, mobile, or even frontend or applied to the backend?

Do you want to understand how to do this?

Well, you’re in the right place!

In this course, you will learn what Git and GitHub are for and how to use them in your personal projects, all in a light, uncomplicated and practical way! You will understand the whys and how these tools allow you to control the versions of your software.

If you don’t know anything about Git and want to start from ZERO, or if you already use Git in your projects but want to review the basics of versioning, distributed version control systems, Git, and GitHub, THIS COURSE IS PERFECT FOR YOU!

Note that this course does not cover advanced Git concepts that allow you to work in a team with multiple people, such as Branch, Merge, and Rebase concepts, for example.

In other words, if you are an advanced user of Git, this course is not for you!

The focus of this course is REALLY to give you a solid foundation in a lightweight, uncomplicated way on how to use Git to make YOUR project more Git-secure, how to use GitHub to centralize version control of your software, and everything, publicize your work. Oh, and of course, you can also build on top of other projects available on GitHub. That could be a game-changer in your career!

That is, with this course, you will feel comfortable dealing with tasks related to project versioning in your day-to-day, as well as gaining experience in how to use Git in line with GitHub!

Have you thought? A tool that makes the version control of your software easy to learn and allows you to work with the most diverse types of applications and files?

That is Git in line with GitHub!

So, are you ready to get your next skill in the coding world?

An intelligent decision is to take this course.


Let me give you 8 reasons.

1) This course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of Git and GitHub that are essential when developing a software project.

2) Learn by doing, create repositories, and store and update your projects securely and in just one place on GitHub. Keep your repositories public or private if you prefer.

3) Market visibility, reach more people through your projects on GitHub, and keep your projects online so everyone can see your source code.

4) Lean. Using Git in your projects, you can reach the world. Instead of doing like other courses out there that push you content without the slightest connection, we did the heavy lifting of selecting the most important content, organizing it, and having it present in a cohesive and super simple way.

5) This course is strategically designed to maximize your learning potential using scientifically proven techniques to optimize your brain’s ability to build the neural pathways necessary to learn the concepts presented on Git & GitHub.

6) The course contains classes that will take your code to another level. Today having an account and projects on Github has become a differential, as it is becoming an extra-curricular tool that makes it easier for clients and companies to get to know their work better on the web.

7) This course was designed by Mirko Perkusich, a best-selling Udemy instructor, and Omni Academy, a company with over 250,000 students worldwide.

8) This course is FREE. That’s right. FREE OF CHARGE!



If you still have any doubts, check below real testimonials from students that purchased courses from Mirko Perkusich!

What if you, for whatever reason, want a refund?

This course has a 30-day money-back guarantee policy!

No questions asked!

There is no risk for you!

What are you waiting for?

Join now and take a step further into mastering Scrum and uplift your career!


Students Testimonials (What are students saying about Mirko’s courses?):

“Undoubtedly the Best Course! Thanks a MIllion, Mirko!!!” – Mirza Mehdi, Business Analyst

“As my goal is to get in a role of a Scrum Master, learning about Scrum, in general, is a must. This course gives good overall knowledge about the topic, with examples and some good tips. For me, as a beginner, it was a valuable experience.” – Marko Djordjevic

“I like the course content! I will definitely recommend taking the course if you want to gain the full guide on Agile and specifically on Scrum. The Instructor explains each detail very clearly. Before this, I took another good course, but it gave me basic knowledge. This one was the best match for me. It gave me complete and enough knowledge about Scrum.” – Anna Kirakosyan, Project Coordinator

“I never worked with Agile/Scrum, but I heard a lot, mainly negative things, so I started this course from a quite pessimistic and skeptical point of view. Now I can say, it was changed now, however, my opinion is still that some companies try to use the Agile/Scrum method as a golden tool for everything, even when the traditional project management would be better in that case. Anyway, now my opinion was changed and I would be happy to use this new knowledge in my job. During the training I got all help and support from the trainer, even for my extra questions. So finally I am very satisfied and I could offer this training to others without any doubt. Thanks, Mirko! :)” – Gabor Szentesi, Quality Manager

“This course is one of the best I’ve taken in Udemy. I like its progressive style along with helpful quizzes and tips, which has helped me to assimilate and consolidate a solid knowledge about agile management with Scrum. Not to mention the insights that Dr. Mirko brings to the table with a perfect alignment between theory and practice, which also helped me a lot to connect with the concepts covered in the course. Dr. Mirko has great teaching skills. I couldn’t recommend it more.” – João Nunes, Software Engineer

“The course brings a lot of valuable information. The way that it’s conducted and things are presented makes it easier to stay focused on the lectures. Moreover, the fact that it’s not focused on Scrum practices and roles only, and relations with Agile principles are made, makes it even more valuable. I strongly recommend it to anyone. For people who already know Scrum very well, this is a good source of information to recycle from time to time, or even acquire a deeper understanding about it.” – Arthur Freire, Software Engineering

“It’s a clear course with pleasant listening. It has a glossary, templates, and tips for learning (I used the concept maps). The course is hands-on with helpful quizzes (You write yourself epics, use backlogs, and more). You will get a good idea of Scrum and insights on project management. It’s to-the-point, quite fast-paced (perfect), and fun. I can only recommend this course!” – Diana van Wijk, Marketing Specialist

“The course not only conveys knowledge and skills but also teaches the right approach that significantly increases the efficiency of using this framework. All in an accessible and friendly, but also professional, form.” – Bagu Bagu

“I came in knowing nothing about Scrum and I now I feel that I am prepared to apply it. This course doesn’t focus only on certifications, which are nice but don’t mean much. It focuses on putting Scrum to practice. So, yes, I recommend it if you really want to know how to apply Scrum, when to use it, and when not to. Great job!” – José Silva, Undergrad student

“Informative, comprehensive, and good consolidated training…absorbed and enjoyed the learning curve. Thanks to Mirko and team!” – Narayan Ragothma Rao, Executive Director

“Dr. Mirko has good didactic and strong skills in both academic and Industry study cases. So, I recommend this course to you get the knowledge, practice and if you so get the Scrum Certification, this course is really complete.” – Leonardo Melo de Medeiros, College Professor, and Research Scientist

“Very good! The approach of not only talking about the practices but focus on the agile mindset and management is what attracted me the most to this course and it has been a great experience. The first section is done and I didn’t even notice. Congratulations on such an excellent course.” – Thiago Xavier, UI and UX Designer

“I like how you get straight to the point but also make things very clear to understand!” – Nina Paleracio

“All concepts clearly explained. Great examples and case studies provided to reinforce the theory.” – Crystal Glassford, General Manager

“Very good course. Didactic and objective content.” – Maria Elaine Silva dos Santos, Undergrad student

“This was a great course for a beginner or as a refresher course for those experienced.” – Patrick Lowen

“So far so good. I like the way the content is explained using lots of examples and visuals, helps me understand better and the learning pace is good for me too.” – Jonathan Nathan, IT Project Manager

“He’s actually doing a great job of making what I was presuming to be a boring, tired class, into something I want to learn. Not lying about the subject matter is the best start. Promises kept are promises earned.” – Jeremy D Shorter, Financial Analyst

“Mirko has a very good didactic and the course is highly recommended for people who are looking to develop their skills in agile management. There are also good quizzes to help us to keep in mind the presented content” – Giovani Cavalcante Barbosa, Data Scientist

“Very good course. It is clear, direct, instructive, exactly what I need to get started with Scrum. This course indeed exceeded my expectations.” – Leandro Dias da Silva, College Professor and Research Scientist

“I was a little bit tired of too theoretical explanations with no real-world cases. This course is not like that, but it really is a straightforward approach that is helping to adapt and improve the management skills of my project teams. For me, it worths a five-star rating, certainly the 60-lessons worths the price by itself.” – Fabricio Silva, QA Manager

“It’s the best online course on agile management. I think it was under-promised and over-delivered. The course organization and resources are amazing. I especially liked that the instructors shared the obstacles and challenges for applying Scrum in practice.” – Kyller Costa Gorgônio, College Professor and Research Scientist


Curso intensivo sobre Git y GitHub para proyectos personales

Start from ZERO and Learn, in Practice, the Fundamentals of Distributed Version Control Systems with Git and GitHub”

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