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RA: Supply chain applications series : Retail. a step by step guide to a comprehensive analytics app with R & Shiny.

Welcome to our latest course in the supply chain applications series, we are excited to share with you  RA: Supply chain applications with Shiny: Retail Analytics Which is the second course that dives deep into how to apply supply chain applications using R & Shiny. we already set the bar high after our previous course that discusses  deploying inventory applications  became a Bestseller . we aim that this course  meets the same standards.

we are proud to have more than 40,000 students across the globe taking our data science supply chain courses and that our courses were the first to discuss these topics thus our courses tend to be creative and unique in nature.

in this course, you will Deploy an end to end retail solution to mango incorporation, an apparel  retailer that have  four stores, each store has its own characteristics , assortment and popularity. in the solution that you will build for mango incorporation, it has to contain :

1-  An overall business overview dashboard.

2-  top brands dashboard.

3- top suppliers dashboard.

4- size curve and color curve dashboard.

5- historical sales dashboard.

6- Contributions dashboard.

7- Retail metrics dashboard.

8- Market Basket data.

9-Margins dashboard.

in addition, the  retail solution that you will provide to mango incorporation has to be :

1- Accessible from anywhere.

2- Deployed on the cloud.

3- Process information real-time.

Sounds like a real project, right ? actually yes, it’s very much real project made by rescale analytics converted to a course.

Feedback from Clients and Training:

«In Q4 2018, I was fortunate to find an opportunity to learn R in Dubai, after hearing about it from indirect references in UK.

I attended a Supply Chain Forecasting & Demand Planning Masterclass conducted by Haitham Omar and the possibilities seemed endless. So, we requested Haitham to conduct a 5-day workshop in our office to train 8 staff members, which opened us up as a team to deeper data analysis. Today, we have gone a step further and retained Haitham, as a consultant, to take our data analysis to the next level and to help us implement inventory guidelines for our business. The above progression of our actions is a clear indication of the capabilities of Haitham as a specialist in R and in data analytics, demand planning, and inventory management.»

Shailesh Mendonca

Commercial lead-in Adventure AHQ- Sharaf Group

“ Haytham mentored me in my Role of Head of Supply Chain efficiency. He is extremely knowledgebase about the supply concepts, latest trends, and benchmarks in the supply chain world. Haytham’s analytics-driven approach was very helpful for me to recommend and implement significant changes to our supply chain at Aster group”

Saify Naqvi

Head of Supply Chain Efficiency

“I participated to the training session called «Supply Chain Forecasting & Management» on December 22nd 2018. This training helped me a lot in my daily work since I am working in Purchase Dpt. Haytham have the pedagogy to explain us very difficult calculations and formula in simple way. I highly recommend this training.”


Purchasing Manager at Mineral Circles Bearings

Build an A-Z Retail Dashboard with R & Shiny.

RA: Supply chain applications series : Retail. a step by step guide to a comprehensive analytics app with R & Shiny.»

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