Halo Unreal: A fan has developed a version of Halo using the Unreal Engine graphics engine. 4

Those of us who are fans of the Halo franchise know that the new installment of the saga, Halo: Infinite is just around the corner.

With a new story, new visuals and gameplay, expected to be one of the biggest Halo installments.

In what comes Halo: Infinite, we have looked for some versions developed by fans, in this case we come across Halo Unreal, a version of Halo but developed with the Unreal Engine graphics engine 4.

A user of Twitter has been sharing some progress on his project, which consists of developing Halo using the Unreal Engine graphics engine 4.

By reviewing some of them videos and images that this user user has shared allow us to see its operation, which is amazing, not only in the graphic part that is beautiful, but in the gameplay that is shown.

Although there are still not many specifications on the end of development, requirements or dates, the user constantly shares current information about the development.

It's an incredible development and we hope it has a great ending.. Let's also remember that recently a YouTube user was also developing a version of Halo but for mobile devices.

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