Silq: The first high-level programming language for quantum computers

The developers of ETH Zurich, Switzerland, introduced the first high-level programming language for quantum computers, known asSilq . 

Language addresses various challenges of quantum languages, such as cluttered and unintuitive code by supporting safe and automatic decomputation.

To get an advantage over traditional algorithms, Researchers have been working on computers and quantum algorithms for a few decades.

Behind the language

Silq is a high-level programming language for quantum computing that is designed to extract low-level implementation details of quantum algorithms.

The technical novelty of this language is a quantum type system that captures important aspects of quantum calculations and allows a safe and automatic calculation., which is a fundamental challenge in existing quantum languages.

According to the developers, Silq is the first quantum language with a strong static type system to provide intuitive semantics, that is to say, if a program checks the type, its semantics follow an intuitive recipe that simply removes temporary values.

This language allows to express quantum algorithms in a more secure and concise way than existing quantum programming languages.

Benefits of Silq

  • Silq's main advantage over existing quantum languages ​​is its secure and automatic decomputation, enabled by its novel const and qfree annotations.
  • Silq algorithms are shorter and easier by nature.
  • The language allows for intuitive but physical semantics and statically prevents errors that are not detected in existing quantum languages.
  • Modify the quantum state of the program according to an intuitive semantics that follows the laws of quantum physics.
  • Silq avoids the notation overhead associated with languages ​​that achieve less static security in programs.


The recommended way to install Silq is by using the Visual Studio code plugin (vscode plugin). This approach works for Linux, Mac and Windows.

To install the Silq vscode plugin

  1. Openvscode
  2. Open eyelash extensions(Ctrl + Shift + X)
  3. Installvscode-silq

According to the developers, unlike existing quantum languages ​​like Q #, Quipper, ProjectQ, QWire, among others, this language supports a descriptive view of quantum algorithms that expresses the high-level intention of the programmer.

Key language features can also be incorporated into existing languages ​​such as QWire or Q #.

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