Tricks to Speed ​​Up Your Windows

There are many reasons why our PC becomes slower and slower. That is why we will show you these little tricks to speed up Windows 10 and thereby improve the performance of our computer.

Virus and Antivirus

One of the reasons why our computer may be slow, It is due to the viruses that it may contain, so, It is highly recommended to have an antivirus that analyzes our PC and thus can detect and clean any type of infection on the computer.

We know that Windows brings its own pre-installed antivirus, which is called Windows Defender, but most of the users choose to install a better antivirus for the security of their computer. Although having an Antivirus installed can also be one of the reasons why our computer is slow, This is because they run in the background and require processing to function..

The recommendation is to stay with Windows Defender Antivirus or in case you want to install a new one, choose one that doesn't slow down your computer too much.

Disable startup programs, not used

As we use our computer, there will be many programs that we will need to carry out our daily tasks. But some of them have activated by default that they start when the computer is turned on, this makes that when starting how you need to start each and every one of them, our computer will be slow when starting.

So, it is very important to disable the programs that we do not need to start when we start our computer.

For it, we go to the task manager. To open the Task Manager, just right click on a free space on the taskbar and choose the option with its name.

Once opened, we go to the tab Start and select the program that you do not require to start when Windows starts, right click on it, and disable it.

It is recommended not to disable programs that belong to Microsoft or your driver provider.

Permanently delete temporary files and empty recycle bin

One of the best practices that exist to speed up your computer, is to delete temporary files.

To do this in the Windows search engine we will write the word run, and we open it by pressing enter. Once the program has started, in it we will write the following “%temp%” and then we click on agree or press enter.

File explorer will open with many folders, each one of them represents the temporary files that have been created by the applications or programs that we have used.

To remove them, it is enough that we select everything by pressing Ctrl + E and then the key Shift + Supr. We will get the pop-up window that if we want to delete everything permanently and we will select yes. Make sure you are in the folder called Temp.

Some files will not be able to delete them since they are being used by a program that you have open, just skip them.

Search for the word again run and press enter, later write “prefetch” and click on agree or press again enter. It will ask you to give administrator permissions, for this, authorize it.

The file explorer will open again with many of them, These are direct data from your applications or programs in order to streamline the work process as they are loaded faster. But as you have more and more applications, This folder will get heavier and heavier and this will affect the performance of your computer.

We select them all by pressing Ctrl + E and followed by eliminating them with Shift + Supr. Likewise, we will get a pop-up window if we want to permanently delete them, and we select yes. Make sure you are in the folder called Prefetch.

Again, some files you will not be able to delete as they are being used by the applications or programs that you have open, just skip them.

Then go to the icon of the Recycle Bin which is on your desktop and right click on it and empty it.

Windows Updates and Drivers

We know that for most users it is not of great importance to keep their computer up to date. Since most simply pause or skip the constant updates that Windows releases.

But keeping our computer updated is of great importance since sometimes there is an incompatibility problem or an outdated driver that makes certain components not work as they should, and with this the performance of our computer will not be optimal.

Let's hope and you find these tricks of great help and that with that, you can increase the performance of your PC.

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