How to Get Transparent Images on Google

We know that most people need backgroundless images to create web pages., presentations, posters, etc. Today we bring you this little trick to obtain totally transparent Google search images.

What should I do?

The first thing is the idea, On what topic do you want the image that you will search without background. We will use Baby Yoda.

Second, We will enter the Google Images search engine, you can access it here. And later we will write what we are looking for, we press Enter or Tap in the search magnifier. (See Image 1)

Image 1. Search

Once the topic is searched, we go to the selection type windows, and we choose the window called “Tool”. (See Image 2)

Image 2. Window selection.

Later selected, we will go to the tool called “Color” and with that we select the type “Transparent”. (See Image 3)

Image 3. Tool selection “Transparent”

Ready! You already have your search for fully transparent or backgroundless images.

This Tip is for educational purposes, be correct and do not misuse the images, remember that most of the images found on Google contain copyright.

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