MTPE offers 3000 Python programming scholarships, network administration and technical support

If you are a student or professional in training, you will know that courses and trainings are the best way to reinforce or create new knowledge..

There are many free resources on the internet, but if we talk about quality in education, the best ones are those under a certain payment or memberships.

Not many have the opportunity to pay for a course or training, becoming an impediment to their studies.

In this time of pandemic, the problem seems to have worsened and with the unemployment problems, many young people have had to abandon their studies.

Outside of continuing your studies, have had to look for a job to support themselves financially or to support their families. But the lack of an academic degree or degree can make this job search even more difficult..

This problem has become more acute in Latin American countries, where job opportunities in the technology area are scarcer, which has become more benefited by the pandemic.

Scholarships for young people

Wanting to solve this problem, the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion (MTPE), in Peru, announced that it will deliver 3,000 scholarships for Peruvians seeking employment or in need of training.

Several virtual courses are offered that contain topics from: Network administration, Python programming and information technology technical support.

Computer skills are highly required in the workplace

With an approximate of 1,000 scholarships for each of the programs, in total they will last for more than 258 hours.

How do I register for the scholarship?

The registration process is simple, just go to the official platform, then in the training tab you will see the call and the complete procedure to apply in any of the areas.

The scholarships are aimed at people with secondary education, unemployed and / or with salaries of less than S / 2,400, and are looking for work in the middle of the pandemic.

You can request the scholarship in the button below:

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